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The first Mazda pickups arrived in the United States in December of 1972. These were titled as 1972 vehicles and approximately 4,800 were sold. The following year, which was the first full model year for the truck, approximately 14,000 B1600 piston engined trucks were sold.

In 1976 Mazda upgraded the truck with the use of a new engine, calling it the B1800. This was followed by a styling change, with the truck becoming more sophisticated in 1979. In that year, the engine was enlarged to 1,970cc and the model renamed the B2000.

In 1982 a 2,209cc diesel was offered for the first time. This engine was optional equipment through the 1984 model year.

It is important to note, at this time, that there is no 1985 model year truck. Mazda totally redesigned their truck after the 1984 model year and introduced the new truck as a 1986 model. While still called the B2000, the engine, at 1,998cc was totally different, and was, in fact, the same one used in the 626 car.

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