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Fig. 1: Rotary engine — 1,308cc Firing order: 1L-1T-2L-2T Distributor rotation: Counterclockwise

Fig. 2: 1,586cc, 1,796cc and 1,970cc engines Firing order: 1–3–4–2 Distributor rotation: Clockwise

Fig. 3: 1,998cc engine Firing order: 1–3–4–2 Distributor rotation: Clockwise

NOTE: To avoid confusion, remove and tag the spark plug wires one at a time, for replacement.

If a distributor is not keyed for installation with only one orientation, it could have been removed previously and rewired. The resultant wiring would hold the correct firing order, but could change the relative placement of the plug towers in relation to the engine. For this reason it is imperative that you label all wires before disconnecting any of them. Also, before removal, compare the current wiring with the accompanying illustrations. If the current wiring does not match, make notes in your book to reflect how your engine is wired.

The firing order of the Rotary Pick-Up engine is alternate (1–2). The distributor cap terminals should be identified by T$SUB1, L$SUB1, T$SUB2 and L$SUB2 (Trailing No. 1 cylinder, Leading No. 1 cylinder, etc.). The top plug of each cylinder is the trailing plug and the bottom is the leading. The rotors are numbered from front to rear.

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