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Pinion Seal


Fig. 1: Measuring the pinion rotating torque

Fig. 2: Holding the companion flange

Fig. 3: Removing the companion flange

  1. Raise and support the front end on jackstands.
  2. Matchmark and remove the driveshaft.
  3. Remove the wheels and brake calipers.
  4. Using an in. lbs. torque wrench on the companion flange nut, measure the rotational torque of the differential and note the reading.
  5. Hold the companion flange from turning and remove the locknut.
  6. Using a puller, remove the companion flange.
  7. Using a center punch to deform the seal and pry it out of the bore.
  8. Coat the outer edge of the new seal with sealer and drive it into place with a seal driver.
  9. Coat the seal lip with clean gear oil.
  10. Coat the companion flange with chassis lube and install it.
  11. Install the nut and tighten it until the previously noted rotational torque is achieved. Torque on the nut should not exceed 130 ft. lbs.
  12. Install the driveshaft.
  13. Replace any lost gear oil.

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