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NOTE: The holes for the hinges are oversized to provide for latitude in alignment. Align the door hinges first, then the striker.


Fig. 1: Door hinge adjustments for 1972–84 trucks

Fig. 2: Door hinge adjustment points for 1986 trucks

  1. If a new door is being installed, first mount the door and tighten the hinge bolts lightly. If the door has not been removed, determine which hinge bolts must be loosed to effect alignment.
  2. Loosen the necessary bolts just enough to allow the door to be moved with a padded prybar.
  3. Move the door in small movements and check the fit after each movement. Be sure that there is no binding or interference with adjacent panels. Keep repeating this procedure until the door is properly aligned. Tighten all the bolts. Shims may be either fabricated or purchased to install behind the hinges as an aid in alignment.
Striker Plate

Fig. 3: Striker plate adjustments for 1986 trucks

NOTE: The striker is attached to the pillar using oversized holes, providing latitude in movement.

Striker adjustment is made by loosening the bolts and moving the striker plate in the desired direction or adding or deleting shims behind the plate, or both. The striker is properly adjusted when the locking latch enters the striker without rubbing and the door closes fully and solidly, with no play when closed.

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